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Oracle Retail POS Suite Technical Essentials
  • Course Objectives
  • Agenda
    • POS Suite Overview
    • Oracle Retail Footprint
    • Oracle Retail Product Integration
    • Oracle Retail Point-of-Service: Features
    • Oracle Retail Back Office: Features
    • Oracle Retail Central Office: Features
    • Oracle Retail Labels and Tags: Features
    • Oracle Retail Returns Management: Features
    Physical Architecture
    • Physical Architecture
    • Typical Large Deployment
    • Application Architecture
    • Conceptual Architecture: Store-Level
      Conceptual Architecture: Corporate-Level
    • ORPOS Suite: Implementation
    • Oracle Retail POS Suite: Logical Architecture
    • Model-view-controller (MVC)
    • Oracle Retail POS Architecture Layers
    • POS Baseline Contextual Architecture
    Data Architecture
    • POS Retail Transaction Context Model
    • POS Suite Foundation Data Model
    • POS Suite Inventory Context Model
    • Data Architects, SOA, and XML Web Services
    • Data Architecture Responsibilities
    Non-Functional Architecture
  • Scalability and Service Quality
  • Security
  • Deployment and Support Processes
  • Data Distribution
  • Generating Transaction Numbers
  • Application-Level Technical Design:
  • Point-of-Service
  • POS Technical Architecture
  • POS Logical Design Model
  • POS Logical Components Architecture
  • POS Operational Model
  • POS Subsystem Design
  • Application-Level Technical Design:
  • Back Office
  • Logical Design Model: Architecture Tiers
  • Oracle Retail Service-Oriented Architecture
  • (SOA)
  • Oracle Retail Back Office Subsystem Design
  • Commerce Services in Operation
  • Back Office Design Highlights
  • Application-Level Technical Design:
    • Central Office
    • Contextual Architecture of Central Office
    • Oracle Retail Central Office Logical Design
    • SOA Subsystem Design
    Central Office Subsystem Design:
    • Web Tier Description
    • Application-Level Technical Design
    • Central Office Design Highlights
    Application-Level Technical Design:
    • Mobile Point-of-Service
    • MPOS Architectural Design
    Application-Level Technical Design:
    • Returns Management
    • Logical Design Model: Architecture Layers
    • Returns Management: Conceptual Modules
    • Web-based UI
    • Physical Module View
    • User Interface Layer
    • Consumer Adapter Layer
    • Data Layer
    • POS Installation
    • Back Office Installation
    • Central Office Installation
    • Labels and Tags Installation
    • Understand the integration of technologies used in Oracle Retail Store Solutions
    • Configuring POS, BO, CO, RM and MPOS
    • PA-DSS: Overview
    System Data
    • Key data components of the POS Suite
    • Overview of ARTS Database
    Integration Points
    • High-Level Integration Overview Diagram
    • ORPOS to Siebel Architecture
    • Connector Framework (COMMEXT)
    • System Architecture View
    • Oracle Retail Product Integration
    • Centralized Customer
    • Bill Pay Logical Architecture
    • ORPOS to ORSIM Integration
    Integration Technologies
    • JMS Enterprise Messaging
    • JMS Connection Points
    • Web Services in POS Suite Applications
    • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
    • XML, CSV, and Text Data Feeds
    • Text/XML/PDF Exports
    Interface Definitions
    • Interface Definitions
    • Interface Information
    • Example of Internal Interface
    • Product Names and Version
    • Performance and Service Level Agreements
    • Application Performance and Service-Level
    • Scalability and Service Quality
    • Offline Support and Disaster Recovery
    • Availability
    • Deployment and Support Processes
    • Deployment and Support Processes Standards
    • Association for Retail Technology Standards
    • JavaPOS
    • UnifiedPOS
    • POSLog Elements
    • ARTS XML
    • J2EE
    • Web Service Standards
    • Deployment Options
    • Understand the deployment options available
    • for designing a customized physical and logical
    • Localization
    • Localization
    • Internationalization at Oracle Retail
    • I18N + L10N = Globalization
    • What Is Functional Localization
    • What Gets Translated at Oracle Retail
    • Translation Process
    • Translations: Point-of Sale Suite


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    The course content was appropriate and useful. The online trainers were competent and useful. The best thing about the course was the young learner and learning Vs acquisition section.

    The thing that the course needs improvement is the format of the assignment


    I am Mushtak Shaik from Hyderabad. The course content was appropriate and useful. The online trainers were competent and useful.

    The thing that the course needs improvement is the format of the assignment

    Mushtak Shaik